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About Us

Heritage Truck Association Australia Inc. was formed in 2002 to cater for the growing interest in historic trucks and for the contribution of the men and women who drove and lived with these great machines of the past.

The objectives of the Heritage Truck Association Australia Inc. are:

  • encourage the restoration and preservation of trucks over thirty years old regardless of size but with an emphasis on larger trucks
  • foster friendship and information sharing through participation in rallies, exhibitions and other events
  • assist members in locating parts and services, information and history about their old truck
  • encourage retention of heritage trucks and memorabilia in Australia
  • stimulate and build community interest in the importance of heritage trucks and memorabilia

Club membership is open to all makes of veteran, vintage, historic and classic vehicles over 30 years old. You do not need to be a vehicle restorer to become a member of our Club, just someone who is interested in older vehicles.

Our membership continues to grow and new membership enquiries are welcome.

Trevor Davies

John Dodd
Vice President

Phyllis Davies
Email: secretary@heritagetruckassociation.com.au

Michelle Wilkie
Membership Officer
Phone:  0411 203 339
Email: membership@heritagetruckassociation.com.au