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Penrite Oil factory tour – 10th April, 2016

It was such a wonderful sight to see so many interested parties from a very good cross-section of historical and vintage vehicle Clubs turn up to the Crestmead Industrial Estate at 9am on Sunday, 10 April. We were at the site of Penrite Oil Company and after the parking of numerous well presented and lovingly restored cars and trucks, were welcomed by the Northern Regional Sales Manager, Brett Wigley and a number of the Penrite staff.

Brett spoke and told us how the day was planned out and went through a few housekeeping rules. With somewhere in the vicinity of 160 visitors (maybe a few more) we were divided into groups to alleviate the problem of having hearing issues at the back of the party. Firstly we were taken to an area with seats arranged so we would be able to watch on screen and listen to the founding and history of the Company, and the process of crude oil to refined products.

The Company is celebrating 90 years, having been formed in 1926 by Les Mecoles at 16 yrs of age in Melbourne and the first products were prepared on his Mum’s stove. He then did his own despatch by way of a wheelbarrow to the local businesses. The name Penrite originated from the home of the base oil, Pennsylvania, which was a quality product way back then. Because he wanted to only sell the best product he felt that this was the right (Rite) oil for Australia, hence the name “PENRITE”, which today has over 150 employees.

It was in 1979 and suffering from bad health that Les sold the Company to John and Margaret Dymond (JD) and since John’s passing in 2006 the Company is run by two sons Nigel and Toby and closely watched over by Margaret – proudly an Australian family owned Company.

With the first presentation completed, we were handed to the control of factory manager Glen, who took us on an awesome tour of the complex, and the system of blending various base oils and also bright stock to produce heavy gear oils. As Glen explained there is no refining of the raw crude oil at this type of complex as the temperature required to frack the crude and syphon off the many by-products requires extremely high temperatures and a very large buffer zone is needed around the site in case of emergency. This process is carried out generally by the major oil companies, but in Penrite’s case they have a facility in the United Kingdom, and they import their own base oils.

It was an excellent lesson in science of molecular separation to form the consistently performing qualities of oils such as synthetics, as opposed to those of a mineral oil. The blending, production, storage and packaging of numerous products, varying in size from 50g up to 1000lt and bulk is a mammoth task. Certain heavy grade oils have to be heated and decanted at around 50 degrees which is a relatively safe handling temperature for the staff. Generally this oil transfer should be completed before the oil drops below 47 degrees, so as you can see it is a very well-timed operation.

A premium, high quality and trusted brand that manufactures the right product for every application. Known as “A Better Class of Oil”, Penrite is voted number 1 by independent mechanics and major customers as a supplier of choice. All products are 100% quality satisfaction guaranteed. Penrite manufactures over 170 different products across 12 different market segments ensuring the right product is recommended for every application. Products include engine oils and coolants that are officially approved and registered by the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and industry bodies (API).

The Head Office is located in Wantirna South, Melbourne, with other major offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland NZ and Bristol UK, exporting to over 50 countries in Europe, Asia and America and would have product being delivered to each Australian State pretty much daily. They despatch somewhere in the vicinity of up to 15 B-Double trucks in a day. As there is only holding space on the floor for two B-Doubles when the first is loaded the third load is being picked and assembled so as to avoid holding trucks, so as you can see once again it is a (excuse the pun) well-oiled operation.

From a 9am start it was very soon midday and I for one do not know where that time went, but it was certainly a great insight to a great number of people about a great Company producing a great range of products and we are truly appreciative of the time and the effort the staff put in and their generosity. The sample bag provided contained informative literature and a 90th Anniversary Commemorative Edition product catalogue. Also as a memento we all received a pourer which clips onto a 5 litre container for easy pouring together with some car wash, the label of which is the old logo (maybe a collector item in time to come).

Many thanks to the staff of Penrite who assisted and gave their time on Sunday and also to Bill Martin for helping to put together this very interesting and informative tour. Bill also did a great job as the parking attendant.

Well done Penrite.

To see some photos from the tour click here

Club run – 9th April, 2016

With a fine and hot day on Saturday 9 April, Club members gathered at Boronia Heights State Primary School carpark for the run to Joe & Eleanor Durre’s residence at South Maclean for morning tea and then to Keith & Veronica Connor’s residence at Logan Reserve to celebrate Keith’s 80th birthday.

It was a pleasant run to the Durre’s, and a few took the scenic way due to the roadworks on Teviot & Mountain Ridge Roads. This is the price of progress, but it will be great for the residents in the area when it is completed. Just a pity we did not have time to stop and look at some of the garage sales being held around the area.

The morning tea was a great spread with 33 members and 3 children attending and all enjoying such a great view with the property having a wonderful aspect overlooking the Logan River. We sat and mingled on the veranda with friendly circles of chatting. We were joined by 4 Durre male relatives who also came for a look together with a great nephew and great niece.

Even the children were entertained with ‘Oliver’ the tractor and a tricycle and thoroughly enjoyed pedalling around the driveway. Even Cleo (hoogee), the dog, had a good day and loved all the attention of the kids (small and large).

Within no time, the collection of tractors, cars and engines were being looked at and photographed, and what a collection on display – International Farmall Super A, Fordson Major Diesel, Ford County 1164, 1954 Allis Chalmers DD Grader, 4 x 922 Cat loaders 1963 to 1967 models, Cat D4 dozer ex Armed Forces 1943 model, International Farmall 1066 1970 model, Belarus 2 cyl tractor USSR 1981 model, Massey Ferguson 35 Gold Belly 1957, Mack Ultraliner 1985 model, 6V53 detroit diesel motor 1968 model (ex Boonah Bakehouse), VL 5lt Berlina 1988 model.

Trevor moved a vote of thanks to Joe & Eleanor and we have been invited back to the Durre’s residence later in the year to have a ‘start-up and mini Grand Parade’,

It was soon time to head off on the short journey to Keith & Veronica’s residence for lunch and to celebrate Keith’s 80th birthday with the cutting of a yummy cake. Trevor presented Keith with a Certificate of Appreciation for his dedicated work with the catering supplies for our meetings and club runs over the past 14 years. A job well done and very much appreciated by all Club members who attend.

Soon after 3pm, everyone departed for home. On my way home, I heard a clang then rattle-rattle only to find that a front wheel cap had come off. I parked ‘Old Girl’ nearby and ran back to collect the cap from the middle of a pedestrian crossing. Fortunately no one had run over it and Albert Budsworth (RACQ man) put it on again the next day when we visited the Penrite Oil Company.

To see some photos from the day click here

Dalby Weekend – 2nd & 3rd April 2016

Once again, our weekend run to Dalby was nothing short of amazing. With good weather as our travelling companion, the majority of members departed on Saturday from the BP Truck Stop Service Station at Rocklea, meeting up with fellow members at the Bremmer Truck Pads at Dinmore, then proceeding to the Garden City of Toowoomba for a morning tea stop at Fleetparts Australia.

Some members left on the Friday so as to be able to check out some trailers at Western Traders yard and have a browse at the lines of equipment at the Ricky Blinco Transport auction including an earlier model Atkinson which needed some TLC but could be brought back to its former glory.

Our thanks to Margaret for the variety of delicious treats offered. After morning tea in the back shed, the male members were able to get their ‘retail therapy fix’ in the sales area of Fleetparts. Most were seen carrying goods back to their vehicles and happy with their purchases. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Mike Calcutt and we then departed and proceeded on our journey to Dalby.

All participants in the run joined with visitors from Roma and Kingaroy areas at Thomas Jack Park in Dalby for lunch, in a lovely shaded area. With everyone sufficed we made a 1.30pm departure and headed west approximately 10 klm to be hosted by a very welcoming couple, Russell Price and Chris Allan. Russell walked and talked us through his private collection of numerous motorbikes, the history behind some, and a myriad of all things old and rare but mainly pertaining to the man on the land of yesteryear. There was military equipment of a bygone era, some replica landing equipment which has seen action in the film industry, older model International trucks as used in the grain regions nearby as well as a modern day road train that Russell uses to retrieve the preloved equipment from Western Queensland and Northern NSW that supports the Dalby wrecking icon.

With American muscle cars lined up close by it was great to see such a mixed variety of exhibits.

Chris our wonderful host, worked away through the afternoon supplying tea, bickies and cold drinks to one and all as well as entertaining the ladies. 2 grandchildren also entertained everyone with their singing, including the National Anthem. Drinks and nibbles were taken on the veranda of a very well set up Pricey’s Relaxation Centre. (if those walls could only talk).

A 4.30pm wind-up saw all the visitors head back to Dalby to their respective accommodation and for one member to a different motel to the previously made booking and this resulted in a few telephone calls to sort out the problem. All ragged up we met for dinner at the Russell Hotel where around forty members took part in a most enjoyable and sometimes raucous evening of self made entertainment. Some members of the rear party who were slow to finish their last drinks managed to fraternise with the bouncers of the very empty Nightclub whilst waiting for the onslaught of the Dalby younger set. A very good time was had by one and all. (sleep came easy).

Sunday morning saw everyone regroup at the Park one final time at 8.45am, thence to the Dalby historical village for the morning smoko and a good poke around. It was here at the historical village that the ladies finally were able to get their ‘retail therapy’ in the craft shop which had a terrific array of items on consignment. At about 11.30am everyone loaded up and went their various ways home. The run directions by our great leader, Cheryl, gave plenty of options for the return journey to Brisbane.

A fabulous weekend and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and looking forward to a similar weekend in 2017.

Celebration Run

With a not so good weather report on Saturday 5th March evening news, Sunday dawned a cracker of a day to hold our annual Celebration Run.  At approximately 8.30am Club members gathered at the BP Truck Service Station, Archerfield for an 8.45am departure for a leisurely drive to Sheldon, and a visit to Gary and Leona Tesch’s home.  A good attendance by 32 people in a variety of vehicles some of which were 2 FX Holdens, 4 small trucks, 2 Hilux Utes, 1 Holden Ute.

A guided tour was conducted by Gary for an inspection of their varied collection of tractors, utilities, cars,trucks and other labour saving equipment with a lot of keen eyed, keen listeners hanging on every detail. For the ladies, Leona did a tour of her garden and also showed her artwork and paintings.

After an extended poke about was had by all the Members, everyone converged to the front patio and partook of the celebratory occasion to honour the birthdays of Ron Toy, Rod Sims and Gary Edwards, and also the wedding anniversary of Doug and Robyn Clark.

Morning tea was now the order of ceremony, and what a spread it was, a feast fit for a king. As we ate and drank we were serenaded by Gary on the keyboard with a mixture of old well-known tunes. A very big thanks to all who contributed to the tasty range of treats.

Cheryl took 3 Holden owners for a drive to diagnose a noise in the rear of ‘Old Girl’ and the decision was that the Universal Joint was causing the trouble. Back at Gary’s the grease gun was put to use as a temporary measure and during the run, ‘Old Girl’ clocked up 468,000 miles.

With an extended period of chit-chat going on and our trusty photographers Janette, Cheryl and Des on the scene to record the event and some things that may not have been the event, it quickly became time to depart and make our way to our lunch venue at the Redland Bay Golf Club where tables had been reserved for the group. Another talkfest was the order of the afternoon and a full sized healthy meal was delivered to our tables in no time at all.

A great day was enjoyed by all and somewhere in the vicinity of 3.30pm saw the remainder of the group head for home.

Click here to view some photos from the day.

Biddeston Tractor Pull

A yearly event for Biddeston is the Biddeston Tractor Pull – a time for machines of all shapes and sizes to meet and enthusiasts to get-together on the Friday and Saturday with visitors travelling from north, south and west to enjoy the camaraderie over the 2 days and a great family fun weekend. The weather in the preceding week had been rather hot and Friday and Saturday were no exception.

It was a one day visit for us on the Saturday and a pleasant drive to Toowoomba and on to Biddeston township where a metre square sign directed us straight ahead. On the way we did a detour to Egmont Park Stud to see the home of “Mr Feelgood” – a great pacer in its day, arriving at Oakey-Crosshill Road, Biddeston around 8.00am to find many people enjoying a hearty breakfast under the igloo.

On Friday 26th, there was a tractor, car and truck trek to the Jondaryan Woolshed which started at approximately 10.30am.  There were two routes, one dirt and the other bitumen, travelling a distance of about 30km.  On arrival at the Woolshed, there was free entry and lunch could be purchased.  On return, prizes were awarded for various categories in the truck and car show’n’shine.

The tractor pulls were very entertaining as was the Grand Parade at lunchtime Saturday for tractors, trucks and cars. A fireworks display was organized for the Saturday night by Pengelley Trucks and Trailers and Toowoomba truck Spares.

There was a good roll up by our Club members with a lot of companionship during lunch. We left for home around 2pm after inspecting Jon’s refurbished Mack Superliner and all the talk on the way home was about the entertaining day.

Well done to Jon and his team of helpers. The property and improvements are a credit to all concerned.  In all, it was very well attended by exhibitors and spectators with proceeds going to St Andrew’s Memorial Hospital, Brisbane.

To see some photos from the event please click here.

This is an event that should be on everyone’s calendar for 2017.