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Club run to Bill Budd’s, Palm Beach – Saturday 18th June

Posted on: June 18, 2016 at 12:55pm

The week prior to 18th June was far from ideal weather for relaxing driving and a Club run to the Gold Coast – it had been wet, very wet. Come the morning of the run and conditions were overcast but dry. Only 2 of the 18 Club members who attended departed from the designated departure point of BP Archerfield. The others made their individual journeys and I was with the Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club as this was a joint Club run.

When we arrived at the address, there were several visiting cars parked outside and a second look revealed a glimpse of a ’64 Mustang through the fence. Everyone was curious about what was hidden from view behind the front fence and I am sure most were blown away once we got inside. Bill welcomed everyone and happily talked to members about his restorations and asked everyone to sign the ‘Visitor Book’ and add a comment. Our Club President, Trevor Davies, thanked Bill for opening up his private collection and welcoming everyone.

All enjoyed the morning tea and then went through areas to look at the collection of cars and memorabilia.

We then saw an FC Holden, a 1939 Pontiac (topless), a Ford Thunderbird, and another Mustang. This was when it really started getting interesting. There was a magnificent 1928 Buick Landau, a 1910 Buick, a Ford Mercury convertible, a ’57 Chevy, a Hot Rod, a Ford Customline convertible, an Austin 7, another Ford T-Bird and even a vintage pedal car.

Bill had taken the 1939 Pontiac to Coolangatta for the 2016 Cooly Rocks where over two kilometres of the Gold Coast beach front is lined with more than 1000 hot rods, custom and classic cars with pumping rockabilly, swing and rock’n’roll music in the background and I am sure this impressive car would have been noticed by the many Cooly Rocks enthusiasts.

Bill has a wonderful display of cars, but also a wonderful display of small memorabilia, number plates, road signs, hood and other car ornaments, hub caps, mascots, petrol caps, door handles and more. It just kept getting better and better all the time. Inside the house there was more motoring memorabilia and toys with soft toys high on the list. Not only was this a fantastic collection, it was well laid out and very nicely shown indeed – private collection well and truly worthy of any good museum.

Having enjoyed Bill and his son’s hospitality, we reluctantly moved on to the lunch stop with 17 members of the Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club, but before heading off some of our members were taken for a tour around the block in the topless 1939 Pontiac and came back with grins from ear to ear. what a car!!

Lunch was at Winders Park on the banks of Currumbin Creek which used to be the original playground of the Currumbin State School. We all enjoyed a friendly relaxing lunch together before parting ways for the trip back to Brisbane and on departing the park admiring the 12 sculptured pelicans.

It was a great run and most enjoyable day and pleasant company with members of the Bayside Restorers Vehicle Club. A special thanks to Bill for opening his home and wonderful collection to us all.

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by Cheryl Nott