Heritage Truck Association Australia Inc.

Celebration Run

Posted on: March 6, 2016 at 8:30am

With a not so good weather report on Saturday 5th March evening news, Sunday dawned a cracker of a day to hold our annual Celebration Run.  At approximately 8.30am Club members gathered at the BP Truck Service Station, Archerfield for an 8.45am departure for a leisurely drive to Sheldon, and a visit to Gary and Leona Tesch’s home.  A good attendance by 32 people in a variety of vehicles some of which were 2 FX Holdens, 4 small trucks, 2 Hilux Utes, 1 Holden Ute.

A guided tour was conducted by Gary for an inspection of their varied collection of tractors, utilities, cars,trucks and other labour saving equipment with a lot of keen eyed, keen listeners hanging on every detail. For the ladies, Leona did a tour of her garden and also showed her artwork and paintings.

After an extended poke about was had by all the Members, everyone converged to the front patio and partook of the celebratory occasion to honour the birthdays of Ron Toy, Rod Sims and Gary Edwards, and also the wedding anniversary of Doug and Robyn Clark.

Morning tea was now the order of ceremony, and what a spread it was, a feast fit for a king. As we ate and drank we were serenaded by Gary on the keyboard with a mixture of old well-known tunes. A very big thanks to all who contributed to the tasty range of treats.

Cheryl took 3 Holden owners for a drive to diagnose a noise in the rear of ‘Old Girl’ and the decision was that the Universal Joint was causing the trouble. Back at Gary’s the grease gun was put to use as a temporary measure and during the run, ‘Old Girl’ clocked up 468,000 miles.

With an extended period of chit-chat going on and our trusty photographers Janette, Cheryl and Des on the scene to record the event and some things that may not have been the event, it quickly became time to depart and make our way to our lunch venue at the Redland Bay Golf Club where tables had been reserved for the group. Another talkfest was the order of the afternoon and a full sized healthy meal was delivered to our tables in no time at all.

A great day was enjoyed by all and somewhere in the vicinity of 3.30pm saw the remainder of the group head for home.

Click here to view some photos from the day.